How To Clean Old Dog Poop From Your Carpet Or Rug

There’s nothing worse than finding old, hard poop on your carpet that you did not know was hiding underneath the coffee table. You can try to gently “comb” out the dried stuff with a hard, flat plastic tool. Sometimes an actual hair comb will work to lift up the carpet weave. But you have to make sure not to pull scrape too hard or you will end up changing the weave of the carpet and that area will look wooly. Another option is to put a wet paper towel over the stain to moisten it, and then use the paper towel to pull the pieces between your fingertips.

After you try to loosen and remove any large, hardened pieces, clean the section with a white towel that’s been soaked in mild laundry soap and water. Just dampen with the towel, don’t rub or you can harm the carpet fibers. If the stain is stubborn, try Oxi-clean. While this may work, some really deep stains may come up better with a carpet cleaning machine. Be sure to use hot water and follow the directions on the cleaner you rent.

Once you have successfully eliminated the stain, the odor will probably be left behind. If you ignore this, your house will always smell and you won’t be happy. So neutralizing is an extremely important step. Solutions that contain enzymes are best for getting rid of nasty odors.

Now that you’ve successfully gotten rid of the old poop, you want to be sure to not find any new problems down the road. One way to avoid this is to make sure your dog has a nearby place to use the bathroom. This will cut down on accidents especially when he can’t get outside in time. Also, checking your carpet often in those hard to reach or see areas will keep you from finding surprises later on.